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New Design - Camo!
Tell everyone that you have a STUDENT at the wheel®.

Display your 6" round 
magnet on your car and your 5" round window cling on your car window.

Not everyone has 20+ years experience driving, and you want to protect your family , and let other drivers know that there is a
STUDENT at the wheel®.

What started out as a way of identifying a New Driver; like a Student Driver sign, or Student Driver Magnet on a Drivers Ed car, while you are teaching your New Driver, turned into more when Teens started leaving them on their cars.  "We feel more comfortable because people have stopped honking and tailgating me" - Male age 17 New Hope PA. 

That's when Teens started creating their own designs, and we have more coming.

Whether you are a Rookie, Novice, New Driver or STUDENT at the wheel®, thank you for visiting YOUR site, and drive safe!

NEW Happenings

We support all efforts to stop texting & driving at ALL ages!

Free from our friends that have lost & kept off weight, kids need to be healthy as do adults, Free to everyone:
New Hope Diet

Join our friend at the ADCOUNCIL and "Project Yellow Light"  visit


STUDENT at the wheel® has been included on the new "Made in America" site

Getting ready for Back to School!  Looking to come out with a new design.

Our Facebook page is growing with Teen 'Likes'.

Please share the road with New Drivers and help keep them safe!

Very happy to be invited to the offices and press conference for the NHTSA.

It's National Youth Traffic Safety Month!

Check out our all new GREEN GREEN GREEN design to help support Habitat for Humanity.

Got a question?  Give us a call 1-877-647-1266.

Also, look for our Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Senior, New Driver, and full line of at the wheelTM decals and Magnets!

All Products, names, designs, and wheel logos are Copyright 2008-2014, and are Trademarks of Klayman Financial LLC®.

This website is for your use and is intended for New Drivers, their friends, Parents, Students, High School Students, Grandparents, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, and all others looking to help a new, teen, permit driver or someone with some experience that wants the honking and tailgating to stop. 

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Other relevant searches include Behind the wheel, Students at the wheel, Student behind the wheel, and behind the wheel training.

If you have another way to find us please let us know by sending us an e-mail using the 'Contact' tab above.

Thank you, and be safe.

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